A loan of $720 helped in the expansion of the Grocery store business of an impoverished individual.

In the tapestry of life, Mr. Rafi, a 45-year-old father, skillfully weaves the strands of family and commerce.

With a loving wife and two children attending school, he has anchored himself in the role of a provider. For the past five years, his grocery store has been more than a business; it's a lifeline for his family and a hub for the community.

Yet, the portrait of potential within his store is waiting to be painted in broader strokes. Your donations can be the brush that adds vibrancy to Mr. Rafi's entrepreneurial canvas. It's an investment not just in the expansion of his grocery store but in the dreams and aspirations of a family striving for a better tomorrow.

SEED OUT recognizes the untapped potential within every corner store, like Mr. Rafi's. Your support is not just monetary assistance; it's a stepping stone towards broader horizons, a chance for Mr. Rafi to enhance his business, increasing both his income and the quality of life for his family.

Join hands with us to help Mr. Rafi transform his grocery store into a bustling hub of prosperity. Your donation can unlock new opportunities, fostering growth, and securing a brighter future for his family. Donate now and be part of this transformative journey!"

Helps a father of two in order to feed and educate his children well.

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$ 36.00
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Feb 26,2024