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Seedout | Appreciations By Pakistani Media and Actors

Seedout is not only accepted by the society on doing its good deeds, but our media as well as actors are in the right of Seedout . They also donated charity and provide their own views and enlighten the need of charity to the world so that every one can have its own living system.

The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong

I'll say it again that the way we think about charity is dead wrong. Charity is not to give money; it is to contribute to someone's happiness. And microfinancing is the best way doing it.

Fundraising Ideas During Covid

Every person on the earth knows how bad covid has affected the lives of people all around the world. Fundraising ideas during covid increased because all the rich people wanted to help the poor who cannot afford covid treatment and its expenses. This article asses to share you the fundraising ideas during the covid that people used to donate.

Is A Small Business Loan A Variable Or Fixed Rate

Is a small business loan a variable or fixed rate in Seed Out? In Seed Out the fundraising is according to the borrower's need and is completely interest-free. Therefore, there are a hell lot of success stories there. In short, the business loan rate is variable and easy to get. 

Tell Me Something You Might Donate To Charity

COVID has already ruined many families and I think this is the best time for all of us to help people in groups. This can be achieved easily through our online crowdfunding platform. So, tell me something you might donate to charity…? 

Loan For Business In Pakistan Without Interest

A loan for business in Pakistan without interest is the best thing for people who can't already afford much to keep it going. Seed Out is working for many years now to let people make their dreams a reality.

Online Loan in Pakistan for Small Business

There are many organizations or banks who provide Online Loans in Pakistan for small businesses to grow.Many people in our country who are unemployed and have no source of income. There are some people who want to do business but they have many resources. Not that he could start business.