Donate zakat in Ramadan

Zakat Appeal

This year also, our Ramadan projects are working to reverse the devastating effects of Covid 19. Seed Out is continuing its mission to alleviate poverty by establishing micro businesses through interest free micro financing. We boost livelihoods, train breadwinners and protect the vulnerable through social and economic empowerment.


Zakat is not just charity; it is a pillar of belief.

Zakat is an obligatory act of Charity to be given to the poor. Seed Out collects and utilizes your Zakat/donations to help transform the lives of the most needy and the underprivileged people in Pakistan. Before Ramadan ends, give your share of Zakat to Seed Out to bring joy into the lives of the poor.

Unsure how much Zakat you should pay? Before donating, you can use the Seed Out's Zakat calculator to find out how much to contribute.