Student Ambassador program

Seed Out’s ideology

We strive to change millions of lives by building a sustainable source of income for the underprivileged. We are Pakistan’s first not for profit crowdfunding platform that is working to alleviate poverty by establishing micro-entrepreneurs through interest free micro-financing.

How can you be a part of Seed Out?

Seed Out’s student ambassador programme is designed to develop and enhance the skills of students who are dedicated to promote an organization and work for a professional environment to gain experience. We will empower, groom and select students who will be the face, voice and brand evangelist of Seed Out at their respective colleges.

What will be your tasks once you are a student ambassador?

You will have to begin your role by learning about Seed Out, this will be done with the guidance of our team. After that you will be responsible for promoting Seed Out and spreading their message across through different creative initiatives such as:

  • Seed out awareness drives: I support Seed Out drive; campaigns with messages promoting Seed Out
  • Support a micro-entrepreneur drives e.g. female and male entrepreneurs, physically challenged entrepreneurs, transgender entrepreneurs
  • Promote Seed Out and their recent updates which will be provided by the team; create hashtags on Instagram, posters on Facebook, stories on Snapchat
  • Develop creative content and blogs to help generate additional coverage, make handmade brochures or donation boxes with messages regarding Seed Out
  • Self-interest promotion with prior permission
  • Raise funds for Seed Out at campus events

How will this programme help you?

It will develop and enhance professional skills including: leadership, public speaking, writing, marketing, social media, event planning, public relations, networking opportunities

We will organize an annual event for all our university and school student ambassadors in which you will get certificates for scoring on the basis of :

  • Maximum membership
  • Fundraising events
  • Awareness drives

Reference and credentials for CV – You will have an edge when you’ll apply for jobs and you will be able to show your applied and tested skills to future employers

How can you be a student ambassador?

A complete student ambassador application consists of:

  • Seed outs student ambassador form
  • Your transcript and resume
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