How lives are transformed

Seed Out empowers underprivileged people to attain economic self-sufficiency. By financially enabling beneficiaries to establish a small scale enterprise and investing in their capacity building to help them run it sustainably, Seed Out achieves a transformative impact at the household level. Seed Out makes sure that:

  • Children of the entrepreneurs are sent to school.
  • Quality health services are accessible to both the entrepreneur and their dependents.
  • The hygiene of the families is also closely inspected.
  • Regular awareness programs are held to promote health and education.

As a result, or organization creates a path which transforms the lives of generations to come.

The Impact we create

50% rise in household income
55% increase in health expenditure
85% increase in hygiene & general living standards
65% in increase eduation (40% for females)

of the beneficiaries were able to do saving

of the beneficiaries could do extra savings for emergency situations

of the households stated that their meals increased from 1 meal per day to 2 meals per day

Seed Out’s initiative for the health of our beneficiaries

Seed Out has partnered with Hijaz Hospital and together we have issued health cards to all our beneficiaries through which they and their dependents can access quality healthcare services like :

  • Regular checkups
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Free medication
  • Treatment for health issues

  • All services are completely free of charge.