Transforming lives

Seed Out in Numbers

Amount Disbursed

247.9 M

Entrepreneurs Raised


40% Female


60% Male

Lives Impacted

Lives impacted



Lives impacted

Children Sent to School

21 Cities
Transgender 40
Widow/ Divorced 179 | 44
Differently-abled 61

The Impact We Create

Household Income

Child education

40% Increase in household income

Trends in self reliance and stability

Explored the economic situation of beneficiaries households. Many have claimed that they could better cope with economic shocks.

of the beneficiaries were able to do saving

of the beneficiaries could do extra savings for emergency situations

Women Empowerment

80% of women started they could play a more active role in economic decision making within the household

Child education

Food Security

Assessed number of meals per day and level of food deficiency. Many beneficiaries have indicated experiencing improved nutrition and health among their family members.

Increase in quality of meals

General Living Standards

50% increase in general living standards as gauged by Restricted Household Consumption Survey

increase in hygiene & general living standards

Beneficiaries satisfaction level

Beneficiaries were asked to rate the quality of Seed Out’s service.

of respondents stated that they were satisfied with the level of service