About us

We help aspiring micro-entrepreneurs access the tools, training, and support they need to lead a more productive life. A single donation can completely transform their lives by providing a means of sustainable income generation. With our innovative micro-financing model and robust micro-funding platform you can make sure your donation, Zakat or Sadqah is delivered to the beneficiaries of your choice. We do not provide hard cash, instead we focus on capacity building and setting up the business. Our motive is to make sure that your donation actually changes their lives for good.

How does it work?

Our process is simple; we upload profiles of all candidates, you choose who you want to help and then we fund them directly to establish their startups or help them expand their business. Each donation made through Seed Out pays both material and symbolic advantage to the beneficiaries. It promotes opportunity, stability and entrepreneurship in a place that has seen very little of all three.

Seed Out is more than a charity

We provide entrepreneurial solutions to the underprivileged which is far more advantageous than traditional charity and relief work because entrepreneurial solutions enable sustainable outcome. Our core team creates a twofold impact on the micro-entrepreneurs through.

  • Micro-financing for entrepreneurship
  • Skills development and training

Seed Out’s team takes back recoveries in easy installments without any administrative or interest charges. The recovered installments are collected in the revolving fund to raise more entrepreneurs. According to the World Bank in Pakistan, 90% of the work force is highly entrepreneurial but it is estimated that 80% of them cannot apply for a traditional loan. Our concept is working towards fixing this inequity by providing entirely 100% interest free loans. Seed Out is the solution to the problems of all those people living in the vicious cycle of poverty. We currently operate in the underprivileged areas and wish to expand more. 

Our focus

Women and differently-abled persons are a priority for our interest free micro loans. Equal treatment is given to all our borrowers irrespective of gender, religion, cast or race. Most of our borrowers approach us through our field marketing and door to door mobilization. The field officers also recognize extremely needy individuals on the field.

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