Brand partnerships

Ending poverty is not an easy task. Which is why we are so thankful for the invaluable support that our partners provide us to make it happen. Whether it is a grant or financial backing to support our innovative models, or discounted services/equipment that aid in delivering results, we are appreciative of all partnership opportunities.

Smile Generation gives together with Nestle Dhaba

A classic example of our proud partners ‘Smile Generation’ and ‘Nestle’ collaborating to support a microentrepreneur's business. Together, our social responsibility can do some real good and truly be a game changer for the needy.

How Can Your Brand Become a Partner?

We welcome international and domestic partners to help with the alleviation of poverty in Pakistan. You can collaborate with Seed Out and support micro-entrepreneurs who are working on businesses that change thousands of lives.


Generous donations or grants from organizations can really make a difference in the pace with which we achieve our goals. This also enables us in bringing micro-finance solutions on a larger scale. Partners often provide us with the financial and organizational support so that we can keep making a difference through our platform.

Loan funds

Partners can choose to match or select loans to fulfill their philanthropic goals. Fund entire projects directly and track their progress. They are also informed upon completion.


We value the equipment or services that have been gifted to support these micro-entrepreneurs. Donated stocks/inventory make it much easier for these small businesses to flourish and maximize their economic potential. Similarly, gifting services (or discounts) make the process of funding projects relatively smoother.

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Does your organization share our vision of alleviating poverty in Pakistan? Or providing resources for communities in need?

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