A loan of $540 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.

SEED OUT dreams of a day when our future generations will go to museums to see what poverty was like. And we cannot achieve it without your help. Our process is as simple as not funding for mere charity but empowering. We dig out courageous families, who are determined to fight poverty and fuel their business ideas to help them become self-sufficient. This is where you come in, your financial aid is directly sent to these families. Ms Asia is a proud mother to 3 daughters and she is determined to alter their life circumstances. She was born into an impoverished family but has strived hard to change realities for her children. She has been stitching clothes and has been into other professions in order to support her family. Now she has started her own business of poultry services in order to help her husband provide for their family. However, without your help, it would be impossible for them to continue their work and this burning flame of ambition will be forced to end even before the spark. You hold the power to light up their world. Donate now!

Empowers a mother to feed and educate her 3 daughters.

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$ 28.80
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Aug 22,2023