A loan of $288 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business start-up.

Poverty is indeed the worst form of life a human deserves. Lack of resources to fulfill the basic needs of life is a miserable position to be in. We are here to make a difference, SEED OUT has the core ambition to look for such families and help them out in a way that makes them self-sufficient. Mr. Riasat is a 41-year-old man who is handicapped and the sole earner of his family which includes his wife and his children. He was a laborer and was able to feed his family barely. but you can't fight your fate, he had a road accident a year ago and now he is unable to work which means he is going through the worst times of his life. being a father, seeing your children striving shatters you from inside. He needs your help to start his own grocery shop in his home so he could generate a source of income for his family. God has given you the power to change the fate of people so show this gesture to the deserving and don't let him fight this misery alone. Help now!

generates a source of income for his family.

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$ 14.40
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Nov 30,2022