A loan of PKR 120,000 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.

For you, your twenties might be the best time of your life. A time when you live life at its fullest, carefree and liberated. However, millions of youngsters in Pakistan work as teenagers in order to support their families to survive. Mr Umer is yet another example of a young man who has been striving to shoulder the responsibilities of his family from an age of 10 years only. He has been into a cotton-selling business and through this, he is able to somehow manage food and shelter for his younger siblings and parents. He believes that if this business goes well he will be able to drag his family out of this vicious cycle of scarcity so that no other child in their future generations would have to face what he went through. Unfortunately, the rising inflation and the economic disparity that hit Pakistan following the COVID-19 and floods have badly affected his business. He now needs your help in order to keep up with his expenses. Your donations would mean a financial revolution for this family. Donate before it gets too late. Help now!

Empowers a young man to support his family.
PKR 452,500

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PKR 6000.00
Disbursed date:
Aug 11,2023