A loan of $360 helped expand a gaming business.

Muhammad Ramzan got disabled from one leg when he was a young boy. His parents were very worried about his well-being, and so were his friends and family. However, Ramzan had the belief that all that mattered was hard work, dedication and perseverance. If he had these qualities, then his disability should not stop him from living a productive life. A few years ago, Ramzan approached Seed Out for an interest-free loan to expand his gaming business. He was in need of new video games and equipment. Seed Out helped him get the desired stuff and Ramzan managed his business very well. He took the full advantage of this opportunity and maintained excellent relationships with the organization. He used this money to pay for the education of his 5 children. He is extremely proud of the fact that his children are getting a decent education, whereas he had the chance to only study till the primary level. 

Now, Ramzan has approached Seed Out again. His equipment is getting old, the video games have become worn out and damaged and his business can't keep going on like this. He once again needs a loan of $360 to revive his business. It is highly pertinent to have games that work well and are latest, otherwise, customers will simply stop visiting him. To show support to those who are determined to face life's challenges despite all difficulties, please donate to Muhammad Ramzan's business. 

It helps a disabled man to revive his business and take care of his children.

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$ 14.40
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Jul 17,2020