A loan of $360 helped an impoverished female grocery store owner to expand her business.

The Messenger of Allah (peace & greetings be upon him) said, "The upper hand is better than the lower hand. The upper hand is the one that gives, and the lower hand is the one that receives." (Sahih Muslim 1033)

In the spirit of this profound hadith, let us reflect upon the story of Ms. Razia, who embodies the struggles faced by many families in the face of poverty. Despite her relentless efforts, providing for her family's basic needs and education has become an arduous task.

"SEED OUT" is an organization dedicated to empowering impoverished families like Ms. Razia's, enabling them to become self-sufficient and break free from the shackles of poverty. Our mission is to uplift the weak in our society, one family at a time, through micro-lending and business support.

Ms. Razia has been running a grocery store for the past five years, striving to make ends meet. However, the challenging economic climate and limited resources have made it increasingly difficult for her to sustain her business. It is during these critical times that her family's survival depends on the generosity and compassion of individuals like you.

Your immediate donations can be a lifeline for Ms. Razia and her family. By extending a helping hand, you can provide them with the necessary support to overcome their financial hardships. Your contributions will not only help sustain her grocery store but also ensure that her children receive the education they deserve.

Let us join forces and make a meaningful impact in Ms. Razia's life. Your generous donations will not only alleviate their immediate struggles but also empower them to create a brighter future. Together, we can help Ms. Razia break free from the cycle of poverty and provide her children with a pathway to success.

Donate now and be the beacon of hope for Ms. Razia and her family. Your contribution will make a tangible difference, enabling them to thrive amidst adversity. Join us in our mission to create lasting change and uplift deserving families from the clutches of poverty.

Help now! Your donations can bring joy and transform lives. Act today and be the source of light in the darkness. Together, we can empower Ms. Razia and provide her children with the opportunity to build a better future.

Donate now and be the change-maker Ms. Razia and her family need. Your support matters.

Empowers a mother of 3 to build a brighter future for her children.

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$ 18.00
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Nov 14,2023