A loan of $360 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.

"If I encountered poverty in person, I would slay it without hesitation!" Ali, Imam (A.s). The crimes perpetrated by those in charge of this crooked system have resulted in the sentencing of poverty for the less fortunate. Anywhere that poverty exists, humankind is seriously at risk. In order to support the less fortunate members of our community, SEED OUT was established. We rescue those who are struggling for survival but still have the will to achieve freedom. We then thoroughly investigate them and confirm their claim before bringing their case to your door. In this approach, SEED OUT bridges the gap between seemingly disparate lifestyles. Now it's up to you to support the noble cause! Mr Zeeshan has been working extremely hard to give his family the greatest possible life. He worked as a tailor in a factory for ten years before switching to starting his own bag stitching business. It has now been 3 years since he started this venture in order to support his family as none of his previous employments were able to do so adequately. He works hard to provide proper education for his two daughters. Support this brother's effort to alter the course of a family's blood line! Donate now!

Empowers a man struggling against poverty for his family.

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$ 18.00
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Aug 16,2023