A loan of $252 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.

Poverty indeed is contagious, today it is them, tomorrow it will be you. SEED OUT is here on a mission to save humanity from poverty, one family at a time. We do not intend to raise mere funds but to collect business investments in order to empower poor families to become self-sufficient. Mr Jamil has been battling with poverty his entire life. He thought he would fight it off for his children but unfortunately, he was only able to educate 1 of his four children. He has been into the auto oil shop for the past 20 years and it has served as the bare minimum for his family. Now, considering the rise in inflation and the economic instability he fears that soon they will run out of resources to feed themselves. This family needs your immediate attention. If this sole source of income persishes, so will their lives along with it. Your donation holds the power to save them. Help now!

Empowers a small business to feed a family.

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$ 14.40
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Jun 06,2023