A loan of $432 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.

If you wish to fly, you have to give up the burden that weighs you down. However, this is not very convenient when one faces a severe lack of resources but there are still few courageous enough to drag themselves and their families out of this pit. Ms. Mehwish is a 34-year-old young lady who got divorced 5 years ago and has been supporting her two children since then. She has always been a survivor and a good one indeed, bearing the world's cruelties alone and struggling each day to provide the best to her children. She has been running a fast food shop for the past 2 years. She was able to earn enough to meet her ends but unfortunately, the sudden rise in inflation has given her business a strong blow. She reached out to SEED OUT for support, this single mother needs your help in order to stand up on her feet again. She needs your help to feed her children, help her fight poverty! The greatest of charity is the one that empowers and if you hold the power to change someone's life what's stopping you from doing so? Join hands with SEED OUT in supporting those who are willing to be uplifted. Donate now!

empowering a single mother.

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$ 23.40
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Dec 22,2022