A loan of $288 helped expand a motorcycle workshop.
42-year-old Abdul Ghaffar is a hero for his children. He is the sole bread earner and takes care of his wife and 6 children. He is passionate about their education, whenever any of them performs well in school, he says that's his greatest joy. All the children go to a government school, as that is what Ghaffar's pocket allows him. Ghaffar is a deserving person who is trying his best to take care of his family's needs in the best possible manner. He lives in a 4 marla house with 2 other families. For 20 years, he worked in a courier company. His salary was highly inadequate to fulfill the needs of 8 family members. He then decided to start his own business. Abdul Ghaffar now runs his own motorcycle repair shop. Abdul Ghaffar started his business with a low investment. He does not have enough spare parts at his shop, due to which most of the clients have to go to another workshop. This makes Abdul Ghaffar quite sad that he is not able to cater to them, although he has the potential to do so. To cater to more clients and increase his income, Abdul Ghaffar needs a loan of $288 from which he will get all the required parts. He is absolutely positive that this will considerably increase his sales, perhaps as much as Rs. 10,000 per day. His profit will increase and this will be a great relief as it will become much easier for Abdul Ghaffar to fulfill the needs of his wife and 6 children. Let’s support this deserving man who is working alone to support his family.

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$ 12.60
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Oct 29,2020