A loan of $216 helped to expand a mobile accessories shop by adding more stock for sale.
Kashif Bashir is an underprivileged applicant from Lahore. When he submitted his application at Seed Out, we put up his request on a priority basis. Unfortunately, Kashif is a patient of hemophilia which is an inherited genetic blood disorder. Every month, Kashif visits the doctor to get his prescription. As a means of income, he runs a small mobile accessories shop but is not able to fulfill his expenses. Kashif’s wife, Shazia, is a teacher in a nearby school and she also contributes to the household income. His brother lives in Kuwait and sends a small amount back home in order to support the household. Kashif has two kids, a daughter and a son, to take care of. He and his wife are really struggling to even feed their two kids. Desperate to earn more income, Kashif has requested Seed Out for a loan of $216 to expand his mobile accessories shop. To have a larger number of customers at his shop, Kashif wants to add a greater variety of accessories. Since this is a major constraint his business is facing, Kashif believes that adding variety will considerably increase his revenue. This will be a great blessing for him as he will be able to feed his children and cover his medical expenses more easily. Donate to Kashif and help him become a successful micro-entrepreneur!
It helps a person to feed his children and cover his medical expenses with ease.

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$ 9.00
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Oct 16,2019