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What Acts Should Be Performed In The Month Of Moharram

Aug 15, 2022
What Acts Should Be Performed In The Month Of Moharram

Good Deeds Especially In First 10 Days

A considerable lot of us don't know that very much like Sha'ban, Ramadan, and the other sacred months, there are exceptional petitions and acts recommended for the initial ten evenings of Muharram. Among others, Shaikh Abbas Qummi describes in Mafatih al-Jinan from Shaikh Tusi that it is strongly prescribed to fast during the initial nine days of Muharram. (For a nitty gritty conversation, kindly counsel the Mafatih).

Attend Majalis

This is clearly an easy decision. Pretty much every local area with a sizeable Shia populace will have a talk series for the initial ten days of Muharram. Try to find an opportunity to go to the Majalis consistently, as well as stick around for the Latmiyyat/Nauhay subsequently. Regardless of whether you have Majalis locally, you can without much of a stretch find a few networks around North America who really do live transmissions of their projects on the Internet.

Learn History

Most speakers just give the last five or ten minutes of the talk to the tragedy of Karbala. Subsequently, a large number of us have disconnected factoids in our brains without legitimate information on what really happened in Karbala, the occasions prompting it, and its repercussions. We have all known about Ali al-Akbar, Qasim, Abbas, Habib ibn Madhahir, and Hurr ibn Yazid ar-Riyahi (Peace Be Upon Him), however, what might be said about Hilal ibn Nafay, Jon the Abyssinian slave, Muslim ibn Ausaja, and Zuhayr ibn al-Qayn? A Probe Into the History of Ashura by Ayatollah Ibrahim Amini and Nafas al-Mahmoom by Shaikh Abbas al-Qummi are two superb works that give careful clarifications of the historical backdrop of the tragedy of Karbala.

Give Back To Community

Imam Hussain sacrificed his entire family for Islam. One example we can take from this is to reward our local area and make a comparative sacrifice. Numerous people groups coordinate blood donation drives on the Day of Ashura. Others have fundraisers and assortments for different causes over time. In the event that your local area has nothing like this, step up and begin something yourself! It is genuinely simple to coordinate something like a blood drive; on the off chance that you get an adequate number of individuals to join, the Red Cross will convey a portable lab to do the blood donations in your mosque parking garage.