A loan of $720 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.

The greatest accomplishment in life is not falling, but rather rising each time. The most inspiring tales of families that battled poverty against all difficulties to survive may be found all around Pakistan. The fortitude and tenacity of these families helped them escape the poverty that had been passed down through the generations. Another iron lady who is driven by ambition to provide a better and more promising future for her children is Ms Naheed. She was divorced after giving birth to an abnormal baby girl and hence is determined to take her fate in her own hands. She understands that her perseverance can spare her children and future generations from the suffering of shortage because she was born into a poor family. The process is accelerated by SEED OUT, which only fuels these families' already-burning resolve. Together with the support of her brother, this single mom has been running her clothing business for the past 20 years in order to support herself and her family. She thinks it will be a turning point for her family. She only requires a little financial encouragement from her society at this point to put her ideas into practice and grow her business. This very moment offers you a chance to improve the world, one family at a time. Your donations are crucial to this woman! Donate now!

Empowers a divorced woman to feed her abnormal daughter.

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$ 36.00
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Aug 11,2023