A loan of $360 helped in the expansion of the medical equipment supply business.

"Whoever relieves a believer's distress, Allah will relieve his distress in this world and the Hereafter." (Prophet Muhammad, peace & greentings be upon him) Here's your chance to do so!

Meet Mr Bilal, a young and ambitious 22-year-old with a burning desire to make a difference in his life and that of his elderly mother. Having worked as a medical instrument supplier for 5 years, he has gained valuable experience and knowledge in the industry. Now, he aspires to start his own business of surgical instruments, contributing to the healthcare sector and serving his community.

With his honesty and determination, Mr Bilal is ready to embark on this entrepreneurial journey. However, he needs a little support from his society to turn his dreams into reality. Your contribution can make a significant impact in empowering him to establish his business and create a sustainable livelihood for himself and his beloved mother.

By donating to Mr Bilal's cause, you not only assist him in his entrepreneurial venture but also become a part of a noble act recognized and rewarded by Allah. Your support will alleviate his financial burden and help him overcome the challenges of breaking the generational curse of poverty.

Let us come together and extend a helping hand to Mr Bilal, enabling him to thrive and fulfil his potential. Your generosity will not only uplift him but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of the community as a whole.

Join us in supporting Mr Bilal's entrepreneurial journey and bringing positive change to his life and the lives of those he will serve. Your donation will not only make a difference today but will also have a lasting impact on his future. Together, let's empower Mr Bilal to realize his dreams and create a brighter tomorrow. Donate now!

Makes a struggling man financially self-sufficient.

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$ 15.12
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Oct 13,2023