A loan of PKR 100,000 helped to expand the running business of an individual.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. However, sometimes all a revolution needs is an extended hand. Be One!

Introducing Mr Irshad, a 37-year-old married man with two children. With a remarkable journey of 28 years in the yarn knitting business, he recently transitioned to owning a grocery store for the past eight years. However, the current economic challenges, compounded by the responsibility of supporting his dependent younger brothers and caring for his elderly mother, have placed him in a critical situation.

Your support can help Mr Irshad create a brighter future for his family and himself. By donating, you can contribute to the survival and growth of his grocery store. With the necessary resources, he will be able to provide for his children's education in private primary schools and meet the financial needs of his family.

Together, we can empower Mr Irshad to secure a sustainable livelihood for his loved ones and create a ripple effect of positive change in his community. Your donation, no matter the amount, will go a long way in ensuring his business thrives and his family's well-being is safeguarded.

Join us in our commitment to building a better future for individuals like Mr Irshad. Your contribution will not only support his business but also inspire hope and resilience in others facing similar challenges. Let's unite to shape a brighter tomorrow and create opportunities for success and prosperity. Immediate help needed!

Empowers an impoverished father to feed and educate his children.
PKR 452,500

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PKR 5000.00
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Nov 28,2023