A loan of $504 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.

What would it be like to run a children's paradise but not be able to provide for your own children? The worst kind of injustice that can be done to another person is poverty. Everywhere that poverty exists, humankind is seriously at risk. SEED OUT is therefore determined to battle this scourge with all of its might. Yet, in order to accomplish that, we will unquestionably need your assistance. Mr Shan, 38, is a father of four children. He has been working really hard to give his family the greatest possible chance at life. He has been running a small sweets store for the past 15 years and this has proved to be the family's sole source of income. Currently, he is able to pay for the schooling of two of his four children because of the hiking prices and economic disparity. Thus, he feels guilty for not giving them equal opportunities. Only if he could get some financial aid through which he would be able to expand his business and hence properly shoulder his responsibility. Therefore,  SEED OUT asks you to give this father a new life and the capacity to continue supporting his family. Your contribution would ensure this family's existence. We need assistance right away or we risk losing this family to poverty. Your donations matter the most! Donate right now before it gets too late!

Empowers a father to support his family.

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$ 25.20
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Oct 11,2023