A loan of $252 helped to provide investment for business expansion.

Asifa Parveen is a young mother of two children (son and a daughter), she is 23 years old and an impoverished resident of Bahawalnagar. She wants to be a supportive hand for her husband in managing the expenses of their family. Her husband works at a medical store, whose income is barely adequate. Asifa has 3 years of experience as a beautician, but due to lack of resources, she is unable to invest in her business. She is a dedicated woman, who is not afraid to face trials and wishes to give her children an improved living. She knows that she has to work even harder, to change her necessitous life. And that is why she decided to get an investment for her beauty parlor. Future is an embryo of hope, and she has sought help from Seed Out by applying for its interest-free loan. Be the patron to ease her travails. Make your kind donation!

It helps a poor beautician expand her parlor and earn in a better way.

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$ 10.80
Disbursed date:
Jun 20,2022