A loan of PKR 70,000 helped to provide investment to a widow for business expansion.

Rafiya Bibi is a widow, she has tolerated the misery of life and remained steadfast. She lives with her aged mother and a son in the Bahawalnagar district. To run the household expenditures she has been doing small-scale clothing business for the past 6 years and she also has 25 years of experience in embroidery. But now due to insufficient stock, her business is not giving her much income. Rafiya is a strong woman and is hopeful to prosper for the sake of her family. Where there is a will there is a way, and she has found a way to invest in her business by applying for Seed Out’s interest-free loan. She is 38 years old and wants to fight with the impoverished living conditions and be able to manage all expenditures herself. Help this widow out, donate in the name of Allah Almighty.

It helps a widow to expand her business and be able to run her family.
PKR 452,500

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Loan Length Months
Repayment schedule:
Installment per month:
PKR 3000.00
Disbursed date:
Jun 20,2022