A loan of PKR 70,000 helped expand a grocery store.

Muhammad Imran runs a grocery store with his brother. Along with his brother and his family, as well as his own family, 15 members are living in the same household. One can imagine how hard it must be for 2 persons to take care of 15 dependents. Imran wants to work hard so he can move into a separate house. 

Both the brothers run a general store together. The inventory that is stocked in the store is inadequate and hence generates nominal sales. Imran wants to give a boost to his sales and hence has approached Seed Out to help him purchase a greater quantity and variety of goods. 

Imran has very young children. They have their whole life ahead of them and thus Imran wants to take action at the right time so that he secure a comfortable future for them. He does not want his 4 children to face the same hardships that he has gone through in life. To help this caring father fulfill his wish to see his children happy, kindly donate to his business. 

PKR 452,500

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Loan Length Months
Repayment schedule:
Installment per month:
PKR 3000.00
Disbursed date:
Oct 29,2020