A loan of PKR 160,000 helped in the expansion of the Grocery store business of an individual.

In the rhythm of life, Mr. Faryad, at 37, orchestrates the dance of family and commerce, and you can help him WIN IT!

With a devoted spouse and three children navigating the halls of education, his grocery store has been a cornerstone of their stability. For seven years, he has diligently tended to his business, nurturing it into a source of sustenance for the community.

However, the melody of his store has hit a temporary pause. The shelves are bare, and the inventory is depleted. This is where your compassion and generosity can strike the right chord. Your donations can serve as the notes that revive Mr. Faryad's grocery store, not just as a place of business but as a pillar supporting the dreams of his family.

SEED OUT recognizes the symphony of potential within every small business. Your support transcends a mere financial contribution; it's an investment in the restoration of a community hub. Join us in helping Mr. Faryaad resupply his store, ensuring not just its survival but the prosperity of the families it serves.

Be part of the harmony that uplifts communities. Your donation can be the turning point for Mr. Faryad, revitalizing his grocery store and securing a future where his children can continue their education. Donate now and be the music that renews hope!

Empowers a father of 3 to fight poverty for his future generations.
PKR 452,500

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Loan Length Months
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PKR 7000.00
Disbursed date:
Feb 26,2024