A loan of $468 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.

Amidst this economic disparity, there are individuals like Ms Sidra who embody resilience and determination to create a better life for their children.

Ms Sidra, is a 34-year-old single parent who is raising two sons on her own. She has tirelessly worked to provide them with suitable education, ensuring that they have the opportunity to build a brighter future. Ms Sidra initially worked as a teacher for five years, but for the past three years, she has been trading in clothes to support her family. However, in order to secure their livelihood and ensure their survival, she needs immediate support to expand her business.

At SEED OUT, we recognize the immense strength and determination of individuals like Ms Sidra, and we believe in empowering them to break free from the cycle of poverty. Your generous donation can make a significant impact on her life and the lives of her children. By contributing to the expansion of her business, you are not only providing her with the means to support her family but also enabling her to create a sustainable livelihood. Together, we can help Ms Sidra build a brighter future for her children and ensure that they have access to quality education and a life full of opportunities. Donate now and be a part of her journey towards self-sufficiency and success.

Your support can truly make a difference in the lives of Ms Sidra and her children. Help them thrive and create a better tomorrow. Donate now!

Empowers a woman entrepreneur to drag her family out of poverty.

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$ 21.60
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Aug 22,2023