A loan of $288 helped expand a stitching Unit

Ahmad Mehboob is an owner of a stitching unit. He spent 14 years of his life in establishing  a stitching unit. Everything was going quiet well but in the middle of many ongoing things Ahmad’s business confronted an abrupt collapse due to the sudden emergence of COVID – 19. With the ever rising multiplication in the COVID effected cases, countries including Pakistan has to impose a strict lockdown all over the country which proved fatal to many of the small scale businesses.

For Ahmad the situation got even more worse as in order to bear the expenses of his family he has to sell almost all his machines and left with nothing to sell anymore. Now when the lockdown has been uplifted he wants to establish his business again and to do so he has applied for Seed Out’s Interest free loan. He is very much eager to get funded. Help Ahmad in acquiring the needed loan… Help Ahmad revive his business…


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$ 12.60
Disbursed date:
May 31,2021