A loan of $252 helped start/expand a grocery store.

Kalsoom Bibi, a middle aged woman is a Bahawalnagar local. She is the mother to six children. Her husband, two of her daughters & herself are trying their best to make ends meet but have failed to do so. The reason behind the failure is the consistent emergence of the needs. With every passing day Kalsoom Bibi's miseries are multiplying . She has been running a grocery store for past 8 years and all through these years her financial state has kept on falling down and now she has reached to the point that her grocery store totally ran out of stock. This situation made the sustenance difficult, even one of her son has to drop his education incomplete. But it’s not an end and it could be us who can help her revive her grocery store by helping her replenishing the stock by donating the needed amount. This would not only strengthen her financially but also help her son resume his education.


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$ 10.80
Disbursed date:
Jun 24,2021