A loan of $432 helped buy a professional camera.

Sajid Naveed loves to do photography and aims to become a professional event photographer. After completing intermediate, he started working at a pharmacy and later as a sales representative in a private company. Due to COVID19, his job has been highly effected and his income has reduced. However, he is still doing his job in the morning but wants to start doing photography in the evening. As winter is approaching, he believes it is a good time to start new work due to the various events that take place in winter. Unfortunately, however, Sajid does not have the money to buy a camera. It is quite sad that although Sajid has done a diploma in photography and is skilled for his dream job, but is unable to pursue his passion due to a lack of resources. However, we are proud that he did not let his lack of finances come in the way of passion and still went ahead to learn the skill. Once he establishes himself, Sajid will leave his job which is just temporary and give full time to his photography coverage. 

Sajid lives in a joint family and greatly desires to better support his family. He has his wife, 5-month-old son, mother and sister to look after. He is really hoping to get help from you to pursue his new career and support his family. Please donate to Sajid Naveed. 


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Jan 07,2021