A loan of PKR 50,000 helped expand a clothing business.

Haneefa Bibi is a needful woman. She lives with her husband, her son and his family in Bahawalnagar's rural areas. Haneefa has been doing a clothing business for the past three years. She belongs to a very poor family and Haneefa and her husband were managing their household with great difficulty. Unfortunately, things have gotten even worse since her husband, who is a driver, got into an accident and has not been able to work for two months. He has gotten disabled from his leg and it's not certain whether he will be able to resume working in the future. All the responsibility has suddenly fallen on Haneefa, who is only able to earn an income of Rs. 6000 from her clothing business. Her son works but his salary is hardly enough for his wife and children, he is not in a position to support his parents, although he wants to do so. In such circumstances, Haneefa is desperately looking to expand her business. She needs more stock, for which she has requested a loan of PKR 50,000 from Seed Out. Haneefa has high hopes from Seed Out and is waiting eagerly to acquire the loan. We want to fulfill her hopes, for which we need your help. Please donate to Haneefa so she can take care of herself and her husband, as well as her granddaughters. 

PKR 452,500

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PKR 2100.00
Disbursed date:
Oct 16,2020