A loan of $216 helped expand a food retail business.

Faiz Rasool Faizi works very hard to support his family. He has a wife and a young son who studies in grade 1. To meet his monthly expenses, including the house rent, Faiz does a small food retail business as the income from his job is not sufficient. Faiz buys spices and dry fruits from the wholesale market, packs them and sells them to shops in different areas of Lahore. Faiz's wife helps him in this business and after much hard work, they are able to make a profit of Rs. 3500. Faiz now wants to expand his business but has no money to do so and thus he has approached Seed Out for a loan of $216. He wishes to buy more stock of spices and dry fruit and is confident that the increased sales will have a great impact on his family's lifestyle. Faiz has a great desire to make his family happy and take good care of them as a father and husband. To fulfill this wish of Faiz, please donate to his business and play your part in making someone prosperous. 


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$ 9.00
Disbursed date:
Jan 23,2021