A loan of $216 helped to expand a tailor shop by purchasing more sewing machines.
Ahmad Ali is amongst Seed Out’s micro-entrepreneurs who have completed their first loan cycle successfully. Now to expand his business, Ahmad has applied for a second loan. Although Ahmed Ali is disabled from both his legs, it does not stop him from growing into a successful person. He knows that the hustle to establish a sustainable business is not over yet. He currently runs a small tailor shop in Lahore. With a few sewing machines, he is not able to build a strong customer base and his income remains limited. Being a father of three young kids, he wants to cover their education costs and fulfill their needs. After analyzing his situation, resilient Ahmed applied for another loan cycle from Seed Out. As he was able to pay off his installments easily last time, he hopes to do the same this time. Ahmad has requested a loan of $216 to expand his tailoring business. Working as a fulltime tailor himself, he wants to purchase more sewing machines to hire two more tailors. He will be able to fulfill his customers’ demands and increase his income. With his increased profits, he will get his own treatment and save for his children’s education.
It helps a person have a successful business and save for his children's bright future.

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$ 9.00
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Oct 16,2019