A loan of $216 helped expand a wholesale business of packaged tea.
Muhammad Ashfaq, a 45-year-old father of four lives a life filled with worries. His problems and issues revolve around the amount of money he earns. For a person living in a rural area of Bahawalnagar, he does not really get to experience the good parts of life and with increased inflation and poverty, he is helpless and suffers even more. Ashfaq owns a small business which includes purchasing and then selling of packaged tea boxes to various rural areas within or in the surroundings of Bahawalnagar. Having an experience of 20 years in the same business, he did not get a chance to grow it because of the lack of investment. It always produced a limited revenue which never fulfilled Ashfaq's household demands. With each passing year, Hussain's financial condition deteriorated as it became difficult for him to afford his children's school fees, pay his house rent and bills and also invest in his business at the same time. Despite putting in maximum effort, Ashfaq has been unsuccessful in escaping the vicious poverty circle. He and his family continue to live in a rented house which is now old and broken and the hygiene conditions have further aggravated over the past years. Ashfaq remains constantly worried regarding his income because if the conditions do not improve, his children would have to spend the same impoverished life. They will be unable to get higher education and would end up with low paying jobs like their father. Ashfaq has requested a micro-loan of $216 for the purchase of greater quantities of wholesale tea from various brands in order to increase his inventory. Ashfaq is confident once that he adds more stock to his inventory, he can sell variety of tea brands to his customers in various areas of Bahawalnagar which will make his business grow and generate more profit. The donation from Seed Out's crowdfunding platform would give Ashfaq and his family hope that their future is secure and they will lead a healthy and happy life.
It helps a person to ensure his family’s well being and provide them with a secure future.

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$ 9.00
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Jun 01,2019