A loan of $216 helped to expand a denter work business.

Muhammad Abu Bakar has been doing denting and painting work for the past 13 years.  With his income, he supports his father, mother and his younger brother who is completing his bachelor's from Punjab University. His mother is a patient of diabetes and Abu Bakar takes the responsibility of fulfilling her medical expenses. He dearly loves her mother and wants her to suffer no pain and get the best treatment. With the responsibility of so many expenses on his shoulders, Abu Bakar could not save enough money to even buy the most essential tools required for his business. But of course, he has to keep his household running and work cannot stop. In this situation, he borrows the tools from someone to do his own work. This arrangement is just temporary as of course, no one will give this favor for long. Abu Bakar is able to earn upto Rs. 30,000 for his work but the future of his business is dependent on him getting his own tools. Abu Bakar has requested a loan of $216 from Seed Out to buy the essential tools for his business. He is indeed a hard-working man, and Seed Out greatly wishes that he is able to put his talent to the right use. To help him flourish his business, please donate to Abu Bakar so he can better afford his expenses and step away from poverty. 




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$ 9.00
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Jul 17,2020