A loan of $360 helped to expand a woman-owned cloth trading business.

Ms. Raazia, a strong and resilient woman, has been facing significant hardships since the loss of her husband. Can helping an impoverished widow be on your To-Do List today?

At the age of 48, she is a widow and a mother of five children. Unfortunately, only the youngest two are currently receiving an education at government schools.

Ms. Raazia has dedicated her life to honing her skills as a tailor and embroiderer for the past 25 years. With her determination and entrepreneurial spirit, she took a leap of faith and started her own clothing business five years ago. However, the economic disparity and challenging circumstances have taken a toll on her business, making it difficult to sustain and thrive.

In these critical times, Ms. Raazia is in desperate need of immediate support. Your generous donations can provide her with the necessary resources to revive her clothing business and overcome the current economic challenges. By supporting her, you are not only empowering a widow and mother but also contributing to the education and well-being of her children.

Your contributions can make a tangible difference in Ms. Raazia's life, enabling her to secure a stable income and create a better future for her family. By helping her business flourish, you are uplifting her from the grips of poverty and offering her a chance at a dignified life.

Please consider extending your support and making a donation to help Ms. Raazia and her family during these trying times. Together, we can make a significant impact and bring hope to individuals and families facing economic adversity. Immediate help needed!

Empowers a mother of 5 to feed and educate her children.

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$ 16.20
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Oct 13,2023