A loan of PKR 60,000 helped grow a sales business affected by COVID19.
Farzand Ali suffers from a disability, and so does his wife. Farzand lost his leg to polio. Both the parents, despite their disabilities, are committed to giving the best possible life to their children. Both have seen extreme poverty in their childhood, to the point that Farzand's parents couldn't even afford to send him to school and he remained illiterate. He does not want the same for his children. He has 4 children; 3 daughters and a son. All his daughters go to school whereas his son is only 2 years old. Farzand has been a salesman throughout his life. Since the last 25 years, he has sold various items in various markets of Gujranwala. Farzand is a poor man; his condition significantly improved after he grew his business with the help of a loan from Seed Out. However, COVID19 hit his business badly and it has almost collapsed. He is left with only PKR 15,000 worth of stock, mainly shoes. More worrisome is that he has no stock for the winter season, and that means a lot of misery. He is eagerly looking for a loan to restock the needed items. We urge you to donate to Farzand. He is an honest man and a hard worker trying to raise his family despite his inherent difficulties. Please be generous and donate to Farzand Ali. 
PKR 365,165

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PKR 62,045,100

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Repayment schedule:
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PKR 2500.00
Disbursed date:
Feb 12,2021