A loan of PKR 75,000 helped start a beauty salon.

Muhammad Hamza is a young boy with big dreams. As the only child of his parents, he used to get disturbed by how his parents, although they worked hard day and night, could not earn enough money and their financial condition always remained tight. Despite poverty, they always encouraged and supported Hamza in pursuing his dreams. Hamza discovered that he had a flair for doing makeup. He decided to polish his skills and adopt this as his career path. Hamza was self-taught in the beginning but yet his work was exceptional. To put his skills to good use, he started providing door to door makeup services via online apps. Hamza later enrolled himself in a beautician training course from where Seed Out came to know him.

Already gifted, the training course has helped to further refine Hamza's skills. He is now eager to make the most of his talent and start his own beauty salon. Unfortunately, Hamza does not have the money to set up the salon, an investment worth PKR 75,000. Hamza wants to succeed in life, make his business grow, provide employment to others and encourage people to work on their talents and pursue as their career path what they are passionate about. Hamza's big dreams need your support. If you are eager to help someone who has capacity to change his fate, please donate to Hamza's business. 


It helps a talented young man to realize his ambitions.
PKR 452,500

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PKR 3000.00
Disbursed date:
May 22,2020