Arifa Akram has started his business.
Arifa Akram, a 36-year-old mother of 2 is an independent woman who takes care of her family's needs and runs a small business at home. Arifa is a resilient mother who fulfils all the needs of her two beautiful young daughters but lately, due to their poor financial conditions, her daughters are suffering too. Currently, Arifa stitches clothes at home and sells them to her customers in the nearby area. The little income she earns, she spends on managing her household expenses. Her husband, Akram, is a tailor who works hard to support his family. Both the parents are committed to send their children to school despite their financial struggles. Presently, Arifa and Akram are working hard to escape poverty. Arifa reached out for help to Seed Out Faisalabad's office. She has requested a micro-loan of PKR 100,000 to expand her garment business. She wishes to buy unstitched fabric in bulk along with threads and other accessories to increase her product variety. More number of customers will buy clothes from her which will increase her income. This will allow both, Arifa and Akram, to manage their household expenses in a proper way and save for their daughters' future.
It helps empower a female entrepreneur and save money for her daughters' higher education.
PKR 452,500

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Loan Length Months
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PKR 4500.00
Disbursed date:
Jul 31,2019