Arshad Begam has started his business.
Arshad Begum, a 48-year-old, divorced woman lives in a semi urban area of Bahawalnagar. Arshad Begum has lived a difficult life as a single mother by raising 2 boys. Arshad faced extreme poverty but worked hard day and night in order to send her kids to school and also manage her household expenses. She did not give up working and for the past 18 years she has been stitching clothes at her home and selling them to her community. Due to her limited finances, she was unable to increase her income. She earns very less by selling stitched clothes and now that her boys have grown up they support their mother by earning some money monthly. She wants to save money for her son’s weddings in future. Arshad Begum has requested a loan of $108 for the expansion of her garments business. She will purchase more unstitched clothes, threads and buttons. This will allow her to stitch more clothes with more unique designs and styles. She is positive that with the loan she can provide her customers with more options in dresses, trousers and shalwar kameez. Arshad is hopeful that in future by saving more money from her income, she will be able to improve the conditions of her home. She will save more so that when her sons’ weddings approach she does not face financial difficulties.
It gives a single mother a chance to provide better meals to her children and save for their future.

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$ 54.00
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Jul 09,2019