A loan of $216 helped to expand a grocery store.
Muhammad bin Yameen is a 35-year-old selfless man. In a poverty-struck life, Muhammad is a dedicated man with a goal of providing a decent livelihood to his nieces and nephews. A few years ago, when his sister-in-law passed away, Muhammad’s brother, Sarwar, went into a state of trauma. Muhammad took the responsibility of nurturing and feeding his brother’s children as his own. Huge responsibility of 5 young kids, eldest being 8 years old, had fallen on Muhammad’s shoulders at that time. 10 years ago, he started his small grocery store but unfortunately, it never flourished. There were only limited finances to support the household expenses and store’s operating costs. Sarwar continued his job as a bus conductor but it was never enough. Muhammad and his family suffers from increasing poverty as the children grow older. There are school fees along with utility bills and daily meals which worry Muhammad and Sarwar quite often. Muhammad has requested a micro loan from Seed Out of $216 through its crowd funding platform to expand the inventory of his grocery store. He wants to add more items such as Atta, ghee and sugar to attract more customers and increase the sales of his shop. There are a number of customers who are willing to buy from Muhammad’s shop. With the increased income Muhammad wants to improve the quality of meals at his household. He wants to improve the hygiene level at the house so that the children do not get sick easily.
It helps a person support his family financially and cover the expenses of his household.

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$ 9.00
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Jun 01,2019