A loan of PKR 30,000 helped Nasreen to expand her business of knitting yarn. She is doing extremely well and supporting her family.
Nasreen bibi is an ardent yarn knitter and has been doing it since 8 years. The thing that motivates her more further is the support of her husband who equally works and helps her with her skill. She has been using her prowess as a source of income for quite some time but now she feels that her business should be expanded. Nasreen bibi however doesn't have enough savings or resources through which she can invest into the expansion of her business. She has children to take care of, out of which two are in school and the other two are yet too young for school. Both her husband and Nasreen have to deal with the day to day expenditures and bills. They have to make sure their 4 children are fed well hence Nasreen bibi cannot afford to use any kind of savings for her own business endeavours. The only aspect that can help Nasreen bibi pursue her dreams is through our contribution which can be made through crowd funding and donations. It is always important to support female micro entrepreneurs especially if she's from a semi urban class.
Will support, motivate and create an example for all female micro entrepreneurs in semi urban areas.
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PKR 365,165

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PKR 15,768,500

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PKR 1500.00
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Jan 09,2019