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Seedout | Appreciations By Pakistani Media and Actors

Oct 15, 2021

Seedout Appreciation by Pakistani Media and Tv Channels

Seedout is not only accepted by the society on doing its good deeds, but our media as well as actors are in the right of Seedout . They also donated charity and provide their own views and enlighten the need of charity to the world so that every one can have its own living system.

In this era, media is the most powerful weapon for society. Social media is a useful way to engage in two-way communication and engage with supporters. Internet and social media make the world a global village.

In this world, there are people too who not only live for themselves but they are built courage to do something for others. These are real heroes and these one are promoted by digital and social media and it is beneficial in many ways like people collaborate with each other to help each other in a better way to create a better tomorrow because a nation is successful when its individuals are successful.



Likewise, there are some youth icons in Pakistan. One of them is Zain Ashraf. He is a young enthusiastic individual. He began his journey in 2011. Zain felt the need to create mechanisms to alleviate poverty therefore, he established Seed Out.

Zain Ashraf Initiative organization SEEDOUT

Seed out is a not-for-profit crowdfunding platform which is working to end poverty by establishing micro-entrepreneurs through interest free microfinancing.

Media Coverage of Seedout

Seedout helped 1000 of people to live their own living by proper business established with the help of seedout, and this social work is appreciated not only by the media as well as the Industrial and media Actors,

Let’s see their thoughts and words about seedout.

Founder And Chairman Of Bahria Town Malik Riaz (Donating at a fundraising event in Lahore)

Malik Riaz the chairman of Bahria Town donate and contribute money to a private organization at a local club in Lahore to promote fundraising and to help the poor and the needy.He contributed an amount of one lakh for the organization. On this amazing event he said.

" We should donate money for the poor and should take part in contribution in the blessed month of ramadan whenever I donate money for the sake of Allah Almighty I am rewarded and blessed with hundered times more. There was a time when my children are out of school because the dues of four months are not submitted and then time comes that today in front of you I donate for the sake of Allah "

In a talk to media interview, he said ,  “Giving money to the poor and the needy by zakat for the sake of Allah Almighty never wastes

He said to all that we should help each other more by our means. The reward is no doubt good.

It was so appreciable that the young boy does this for others. I hope that all our young generation, youth and other people should follow Zain and powerful people should help the young boy.


Zain Ashraf and Muhammad Gohar Shafique (Inter View with HUMA AMIR SHAH in Program WEEKEND WORLD at PTV WORLD) 

seedout appreciations by media and actors

Zain Ashraf Mughal and Gohar Shafique are the backbone of seedout. One is Pakistan’s largest online platform, the other is a non-profit organization working to impower people to raise money for social cause and businesses. That is a good thing to do.

Let's dive into the conversation of both with Host Huma to see what they talked about at the shwo, Huma started the show and call them by saying, 

Let me introduce my fist set of guest to you, first of all we have Zain Ashraf Mughal. Zain is the founder and president at seed out (Thank you so much Zain for coming on the show) and sitting next to Zain is Muhammad Gohar Shafique, who is he vice president at seed out.

  • HOST:    I’ll start with you if you could just briefly tell us what seed out is?
  • ZAIN:     Seed out is first Islamic crowdfunding platform that we launch on 7th of  December 2013


Basically, It’s an idea that we start it to elevate poverty to empower people and raise

              micro-entrepreneurs in all over Pakistan and why we started it basically when I graduated
              and came back to Pakistan I saw that the huge issue was basically that we give zakat,


we give donations, we give charity but then again, every year we do that and we see the same people coming back to you again and again and asking for more money and it was never so much so the core problem was that we were hitting the problem with the solution,


we were coming up with temporary solution ,we thought rather than just giving some money or giving man a fish so we

              thought we should teach a man  how to fish , and freedom  for a lifetime that’s why we thought

              empowering people would be the right thing to do and that’s how we started.


  • HOST :   That is awesome. Gohar you obviously agreed with Zain. The ideas?
  • GOHR:  When we basically started researching about that how we can solve problems to elevate  poverty what we got to know that poor people they don’t need just money we need that          opportunity we need that dignity and respect to start something to start their own businesses


                That first they are borrowers and then they are donors. we wanted to make a sustainable  
                change so we introduce seed out in Pakistan first and link technology part with it.


  • HOST:    Alright, Ok that is really good and especially you know we have so many people new people coming in and they have developed so many apps and other things and all these web portals and obviously with noble ideas and thoughts but with young people like yourself I would like you know expect that if they have come up with an idea.


This is really farsighted, so this is refreshing as well. Tell us how it works so you have already targeted selected people that

               would be helped out through this?..


  • ZAIN:     Exactly I’ll tell you the whole process. Basically, the idea was that asking for money makes you vulnerable so that’s why we launched this website that you know you can go on the website and then see who you want to fund. Who you want to donate and right away you can do it with the click of a button.


  • HOST:    Ok


  • ZAIN:   What we do is that we started from one city right know. From that city we connect to the union counselors.


  • we asked that person that who is the most potential person who wants to start his own business and he doesn’t have enough resources or capital so person goes to
    him , do his background check, history check do all the documentation and everything so once
    his application is made it is forward to the board of directors and then the beauty then
    approves and disapproves the  application.


So once the application approved then it is published on seed out’s website and it also tells   whether this person lies in the category of zakat or charity or just donation or sadqa and people know exactly what capacity They are sending so the idea was that you know we all give 2.5 percent of zakat on years but we should

                also spend 2.5 percent of your time of your life span doing noble things.


  • HOST:  People need to be more empathetic and not do it as a mechanical thing and you know even know where it going. I guess yes more involvement.


Gohr I'll involve you in the conversation I am just thinking that if you guys just go out yourself you know ask the union counselors that who is the most deserving they must be like hundreds and  thousands of people who really need assistance so how I mean you have to be very precise who you pick?

  • GOHR: Exactly in the pilot testing phase we started from the Gujranwala city so that we can test our  model and then replicate this model to other cities and then to other countries as well and the second thing is that we don't just choose the poor people randomly we select them from their entrepreneurial traits the way to start a business for themselves so this is why how  we filter  these people


They provided a brief history and future plan for the SEEDOUT and also shared how they implemented the idea to get the right candidates who are really elligible for te donation. From explaining their vetted system to future goals, the show ended with a very delightful and inspiring thoughts. People loved and appreciate the idea and also joined them to be a part of the Good work.

There are more stories of success to tell that not only motivates but makes a person take the first step to change and grow Pakistan.

We will talk about them later in our coming blogs, We hope to see you again soon.

Good Luck :)