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Pakistan 1st Interest Free Crowdfunding Platform

May 11, 2022
Pakistan 1st Interest Free Crowdfunding Platform is Pakistan's first Crowdfunding Platform. Seed Out is a not for profit crowdfunding platform which is working to lessen poverty by establishing micro entrepreneurs through interest free micro financing. By leveraging the power of the internet and establishing a worldwide network of microfinancing options, we give the needy the tools they need to lead productive lives that could lift them out of poverty.

40% of Pakistan’s population lives in poverty line

Mojarity of Pakistani people are poor. Approximately 40% of Pakistani Population lives in under the poverty belt. That is nearly 4 in 10 people underprivileged of basic necessities of life. The poverty-stricken population has scarce opportunities to improve their living conditions. Often, children cannot go to school and basic health requirements are not fulfilled. With rising unemployment, many people want to start a small business but their idea seldom materializes because of the general lack of access to low cost capital. The financial inclusion ratio in Pakistan stands at less than 15%. High interest rates charged by banks and even higher by informal money lenders is a major deterrent to entrepreneurship.

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Seedout Helps People and Change Lives

Seedout tries to help poor people by financing them markup free loans for the startup of their business. The poor of Pakistan remains poor due to Pakistani economic condition. Under privileged people are in a vicious cycle which is difficult to escape from this circle. Seedout is Pakistan’s first platform that helps skilled poor people to start their own business.

How we tackle with poverty?

Many people have skills but cannot start their own businesses because of not having capital. Seedout focus on poverty alleviation by creating micro-entrepreneurs through means of interest-free loans. The idea is to generate successful enterprise for the beneficiaries to serve as a source of sustainable income. Each donation made through Seed Out pays both material and symbolic dividends that are central to promoting opportunity, stability and entrepreneurship in a place that has seen very little of all three.

100% Interest free
Our mission is solely to help better the lives of the less fortunate, so profit is not a focus and the loans are free of interest.

100% Cashless do not handover cash to people, instead we start the business for them.

100% Transparent
All of our operations are transparent and records are published on our website. Our interactive dashboards and open line of communication allows for easy real time tracking of a borrower’s progress and later, success.

Donate Zakat and Sadaqah to SeedOut to help people to become entrepreneur and remove poverty in Pakistan. Support Seedout Org by donating online, bank transfers, cheques, PayPal, and credit/debit cards or direct donations.

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