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List of Top10 Fundraising Websites Working in Canada

Nov 8, 2021
List of Top10 Fundraising Websites Working in Canada

1 – Seed Out 

2 – Transparent Hands

3 – FundRazr

4 – GoGetFunding

5 – Kickstarter

6 – Indiegogo

7 – CauseVox

8 – Giveffect


10 – GoFundMe

1 – Seed Out

Seed out is Pakistan-based non-profit organization taking donations from all over the globe

Seed out is in first rank in our List of Top 10 Fundraising Websites in Canada. We are committed to get donations across Canada by making it simpler to give and raise support on the web. We are not charging anything throughout the whole process. It is a well-known organization. Also, recognized by the Forbes magazine.

Seed Out for Charities

Seed Out give charities to let people expand their businesses. Microfinancing is a best way to expand business and a family through it. Seed Out give micro loans for small businesses to make them running and expanding. 

How Seed Out works?

When a donor open, he/she sees some types of businesses he/she wanted to donate to. There are various to choose from, like:

1- Food

2- Transportation

3- Retail

4- Clothing

5- Manufacturing

6- Other services

7- Etc.

Donor can click on any business type and can select the borrower. Then he/she will select the amount of money and can checkout successfully.

Borrower have to repay the money back to the donor after he/she used it well in expanding the business. In this manner, the donor can donor can donate that money to someone else for support. Same money can be donated many times to help many people.

2 – Transparent Hands

Fund the Surgeries of Poor Patients by Giving Donation

Transparent Hands is in second situation in our List of Top 10 Fundraising Websites in Canada. We are honored with acceptable wellbeing and riches and it's their obligation to additionally use them for the help of humankind. Indeed, even a modest quantity can make an enduring effect on somebody's hopeless life. Spend your abundance in a respectable purpose and change the existences of meriting individuals of Pakistan. The sum which you'll contribute towards the medical procedures of these helpless patients will take them back to better wellbeing and work on their living.

With the assistance of Crowdfunding by kind givers like you, many individuals under Transparent Hands were given clinical alleviation. However, there are still a great many individuals who are in desperate need of your help and are hanging tight for a supernatural occurrence which could save their lives. Together through raising money, we can give new lives and desires to many meriting patients in their country. How about we join together and put forth attempt in making Pakistan an optimal spot to live.

Why Donate to Us?

  • You need to save the existences of individuals by giving for their careful treatment.
  • You really wanted total straightforwardness of where your gift/good cause is going.

Givers can totally place their confidence in us with respect to their gifts and noble cause. There are many individuals in Pakistan and all around the world who wish to spend their cash on non-benefit noble cause associations yet they are uncertain going to whom they ought to give. To guarantee total straightforwardness, Transparent Hands transfers every one of the archives with the patients' examples of overcoming adversity so the benefactors can see that their cash is spent on a right aim.

Where Is the Problem?

In excess of 70 million individuals in Pakistan are living underneath the neediness line because of which they can't go through legitimate wellbeing treatment in the event that they experience any illness. Assessed measure of a medical procedure build-up in Pakistan is in millions consistently.

  • There are relatively few medical coverage plans for oppressed local area. They need to pay from cash on hand on the off chance that they need any clinical treatment yet because of the restricted or no assets, larger part can't go through careful treatment.
  • Past the expense of the surgery, they may need to pay for pre and post-usable costs which incorporates clinical trials, meds, clinic stay and different costs. It is remarkably difficult for somebody who procures under $2 every day to pay powerful sum for clinical alleviation.
  • There is absence of cutting edge clinical offices and clinical experts because of which lower working class families can't profit treatment offices.
  • There are a set number of beds in emergency clinics however the quantity of patients visiting these emergency clinics is significantly more.
  • Consistently persistent including a youngster is put on a long holding up list and during the holding up period, the patient's wellbeing further disintegrates. In a large portion of the cases, patients lapse until their turn comes.
  • There is no cutting-edge medical care benefits in ghettos because of which greater part of individuals need to depend on quacks in their spaces.
  • Private clinics are far off for denied local area because of the significant expenses of counsel charges and surgery.


  • Resolved to Provide Free Surgeries to Those Who Cannot Afford

Straightforward Hands is a non-benefit association which is handling this significant medical care issue of Pakistan with the assistance of raising money through its special Crowdfunding stage. It is enlisted under Trust Act 1882 as a Trust Organization with a Tax Exemption status under the article 2(36) in Pakistan. Straightforward Hands is enlisted in USA EIN doled out: 47-3564801 as Transparent Hands Foundation US, Inc. with charge exception status 501(c)3.

Straightforward Hands leads the medical procedures of meriting patients liberated from cost at private emergency clinics with the assistance of gifts and good cause. Benefactors from everywhere the world can utilize their internet Crowdfunding web-based interface on the off chance that they wish to give. They could choose any quiet, store the medical procedure and get normal input and updates until the patient is recuperated totally.

User friendly online fundraising work as follows:

  • Pick the patient whose medical procedure you need to finance.
  • Browse various installment techniques according to your accommodation.
  • Give to that specific patient and get charge exclusion.
  • Get standard updates of that patient until he/she gets completely recuperated.

What makes us one of a kind is; their straightforwardness level that implies benefactors will be guaranteed that every penny they are giving will be spent on the poor patient. We do this by transferring all the medical clinic bills and different archives of their patient after his/her medical procedure is effectively directed. Contributor can see that the specific sum emergency clinic has charged against the medical procedure of that specific patient.

3 – FundRazr

How it Works

FundRazr is in third position in our List of Top 10 Fundraising Websites in Canada. FundRazr is a crowdfunding solution that is laser-focused on eliminating the guesswork of raising money online for your campaign. Their thoughtful technology and expert social media guidance make telling your powerful story easy; sharing it with the widest community simple; and collecting the money worry-free.

Thousands of people just like you use FundRazr to reach their friends, friends of friends and beyond, convert them to supporters, and raise money for causes close to their heart.

Why choose FundRazr?

Flexible Funding

Fund-raise the way that suits you. Pick Keep everything to get to reserves right away. Or on the other hand pick All or nothing to charge allies after you arrive at your objective. Regardless, you never suffer additional expenses or consequences.

Global Reach

FundRazr can be utilized in any country with the capacity to send and get installments through PayPal, and in 25 monetary forms around the world. U.S. furthermore, Canadian clients can likewise acknowledge reserves through WePay.

Success Tools

Full mission usefulness on your site or blog and full mission usefulness on your Facebook page will build your mission's perceivability and assist allies with figuring out how to give to your motivation.

Easy and Secure Payments

Simple and secure installments by PayPal, Mastercard, bank card or WePay. Your benefactors' protection is regarded, your assets are protected, and cash got is promptly saved into your record.

Better Incentives

Upgrade your raising money crusade by giving advantages, items, tickets or wishes. Impetus pictures and offer component make greater commitment, sharing and online media perceivability.

Great Value

Donors pay no charge. Beneficiaries pay 5% FundRazr charge in addition to Payment Provider expense of 2.9% + 30¢ per exchange. There are no extra charges or punishments.


FundRazr was dispatched in the late spring of 2010 with an energetic group drove by CEO and crowdfunding pioneer, Daryl Hatton. They comprehend the troubles of fund-raising, and they are energetic about giving an elective subsidizing source to new businesses, good cause, and individual causes. They trust in the force of local area backing and offering your story to the world. Eventually, they need to fabricate incredible organization, have some good times, and help individuals seriously.

Up until now, FundRazr has helped raise more than $69 million from more than 45,000 missions in many nations all throughout the planet. They put stock in making a stage that is not difficult to utilize, cheap, and can use the force of the web local area. As opposed to some other crowdfunding stages, their foundation doesn't restrict the kind of missions they have. They need to be adaptable and accessible to everybody, for any sort of cause, from anyplace on the planet.

With a group of 5 at initiation, FundRazr has dramatically increased in size from that point forward. Situated in the core of Gastown in Vancouver, Canada, FundRazr is at the center point of everything pioneering. They try sincerely and enhance each day so you can be the following gathering pledges example of overcoming adversity.

4 – GoGetFunding


GoGetFunding is in fourth situation in our List of Top 10 Fundraising Websites in Canada. GoGetFunding enables you to fund-raise for anything that is important to you. From individual causes and occasions to projects and that's just the beginning. They've helped individuals from everywhere the world raise millions on the web.

They've been perceived by Forbes as one of the top worldwide crowdfunding sites and their missions have been included in an immense number of driving press distributions.

They're committed to making the existences of their mission proprietors, benefactors and guests more joyful and enhanced. That could go from assisting you with fund-raising for basic clinical costs, a rare volunteer excursion or to dispatch an astonishing new business. Being engaged with such countless individual and incredible plans, undertakings and causes drives their to do what they do.

They read the pledge drive remarks, see the updates and get extraordinarily invigorated when a pledge drive reaches (or crushes!) their objective.

GoGetFunding is a crowdfunding site that allows you to fund-raise for anything that is important to you. From individual causes and occasions to projects and that's only the tip of the iceberg. They've helped individuals from everywhere the world raise millions on the web.

5 – Kickstarter

"Kickstarter is one of those stages that gives you space to work with individuals who know you, love you, and backing you." Kickstarter is in fifth situation in our List of Top 10 Fundraising Websites in Canada. Kickstarter is a colossal worldwide local area worked around imagination and innovative ventures. More than 10 million individuals, from each landmass on the planet, have upheld a Kickstarter project.

A portion of those undertakings come from powerful craftsmen like De La Soul or Marina Abramovic. Most come from astounding innovative individuals you likely haven't knew about — from Grandma Pearl to independent producers to the band down the road.

Each craftsman, movie producer, architect, designer, and designer on Kickstarter has total inventive power over their work — and the chance to impart it to a dynamic local area of sponsor.

Their mission

They assembled Kickstarter to assist with rejuvenating innovative ventures. They measure their prosperity as an organization by how well they accomplish that mission, not by the size of their benefits. That is the reason, in 2015, they turned into a Benefit Corporation. Advantage Corporations are revenue driven organizations that are committed to think about the effect of their choices on society, not just investors. Drastically, positive effect on society turns out to be essential for a Benefit Corporation's lawfully characterized objectives.

At the point when they turned into a Benefit Corporation, they changed their corporate sanction to spread out explicit objectives and responsibilities to expressions and culture, making their qualities center to their tasks, battling disparity, and aiding imaginative activities wake up. You can peruse their responsibilities in full underneath.


They're a free, author controlled organization of 114 individuals cooperating in an old pencil industrial facility in New York City. They invest their energy planning and building Kickstarter, associating individuals around rousing innovative undertakings, and having loads of fun doing it.

They're engineers, fashioners, support subject matter experts, authors, performers, painters, artists, gamers, robot-developers — and so on. They've upheld in excess of 34,000 ventures (and dispatched their very own lot).


Kickstarter dispatched on April 28, 2009. A ton has occurred since.

They had the most insane 24 hours of all time. They saw $1 billion get promised. They shared the early plans behind Kickstarter. They realized what a Kickstarter project resembled back in 1713. They discussed why Kickstarter matters. They rolled out some significant improvements to how they oversee the site. They put in movie form celebrations in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. A venture won an Oscar. Furthermore, following five years, they made a video about everything.

6 – Indiegogo


Indiegogo is in 6th situation in our List of Top 10 Fundraising Websites in Canada. A huge number of individuals all throughout the planet visit Indiegogo to find shrewd and offbeat things that tackle ordinary issues huge and little. By giving business people wherever a stage to dispatch new and pivotal items, they assist with surfacing developments in tech, plan, and considerably more, all before they go standard.

The Indiegogo Community

Controlled by interest, the Indiegogo people group has rejuvenated in excess of 800,000 inventive thoughts beginning around 2008. Today, their gathering of patrons is in excess of 9 million in number, addressing 235 nations and regions. Continuously keeping watch for new answers for ordinary issues, their local area flourishes with making sharp revelations before every other person. From live missions to prepared to-deliver tech, inquisitive people depend on Indiegogo to track down the most recent developments in tech and plan.

Founded to Empower Innovation

Their organizers were motivated to make Indiegogo dependent on their own encounters attempting to make thoughts become animated. Danae Ringelmann created a play yet couldn't get financing to take it to a higher level. Eric Schell attempted to raise support for a Chicago theater organization. Slava Rubin attempted to raise assets to find a remedy for quite a long time, the illness that killed his dad. Then, at that point, they had a thought. They could utilize the web to unite individuals to engage development.

Danae, Eric, and Slava established Indiegogo in 2008 on the grounds that they accepted that you ought to pick the thoughts that become animated. You and your kindred advancement searchers ought to get to change the world. It's an ideal opportunity to begin finding the following enormous thought.

7 – CauseVox

Simple, beautiful online fundraising.

CauseVox is in seventh situation in our List of Top 10 Fundraising Websites in Canada. CauseVox is a local area driven gathering pledges stage trusted by great many raising money groups at philanthropies to assist them with enacting their allies, arrive at new contributors, and raise more on the web.

Who They Are

Before they began CauseVox, they ended up chipping in at philanthropies to scale their effect. They dealt with everything from frameworks executions to promoting projects for NGOs in South Africa, Uganda, and India.

One of the perplexing things that surfaced was the reason individuals, who were making a particularly significant change in networks, battled with scaling their social effect. For what reason did they need to battle to make this world a superior spot for all of their to live?

Back in the States, they burrowed around for the appropriate response. They conversed with many individuals — individuals that chipped in, individuals that worked at philanthropies, and organizers of not-for-profits. They joined a hatchery for social great and a local gathering for social business visionaries. They even moved from Washington DC to NYC to be nearer to the charities that they knew. They truly needed to sort out why there was a battle.

The one thing they continued to hear was that raising assets was consistently a test and utilizing innovation was in every case hard; these individuals were battling for financing and fighting with programming each day. They generally were attempting to find better approaches to find new benefactors. Significant benefactors and awards were evaporating a result of the downturn. Affairs and occasions were too expensive to even think about getting sorted out.

That’s where CauseVox comes in to fix this broken system.

In the wake of testing the crowdfunding idea on their own volunteer tasks — they constructed their own crowdfunding stage to raise assets for their volunteer ventures — they dispatched CauseVox for all not-for-profits and people to utilize.

They needed to find a way for charities and social great tasks to raise subsidizes online that is reasonable, simple to utilize, yet incredible enough for experts.

That initial not many months, they helped a charitable raise more than $75,000 in 40 days. They dispatched a crowdfunding effort with SXSW that brought $125,000 up in 10 days. One of their consultants was wounded multiple times in a robbing and they helped raise $43,000 for his doctor's visit expenses.

From that point forward, they've helped a huge number of individuals raise money web based, serving great many not-for-profits each year. Their mantra today is to help beneficial things thrive.

Accessible in one place

Dealing with your internet gathering pledges, ordinary gifts, and distributed missions ought to be straightforward. With CauseVox, you can monitor your web-based gifts, as soon as possible access the information you want, and see a constant perspective on gifts coming in and simple ways of downloading what you really want or incorporate straightforwardly with your other gathering pledges devices.

8 – Giveffect

Giveffect is in eighth situation in our List of Top 10 Fundraising Websites in Canada. Giveffect is the main raising money, occasions, online gifts, disconnected gift following, volunteer administration, contributor the board and constituent relationship the executives programming for philanthropies – and the sky is the limit from there. Associated and computerized.

Branded Online Donation Pages

Giveffect turns into your charitable give button. Custom brand every gift page. Track any kind of information you wish. They consequently convey your custom thank you letters and issue charge receipts for your sake.

Online One-Time or Monthly Donations

Plan your gift pages with one-time as well as month to month repeating gift choices. Giveffect's benefactor the executives framework will naturally charge their Visa every month.

Pledge Installments

Do your contributors incline toward promise portions over month to month repeating gift plans? Their benefactor the board framework permits your group to plan the promise portions in any capacity you wish: adaptable dates and adaptable sums due.


Charity starts with this spirit of sharing.

CHIMP is in 10th situation in our List of Top 10 Fundraising Websites in Canada. CHIMP is a reason driven, Vancouver-based association with profound roots in the beneficent and tech areas. They accept that giving changes the world, and they know without a doubt that the more they give, the more they get back. Their people group interfaces individuals who need to improve the world with noble cause that are making a move on causes they care about.

They accept that everybody has an altruistic soul, and everybody changes the world consistently, regardless of whether they understand it.

At the point when they give intentionally, they make more significant change.

A CHIMP Account enables you to control how you give, engaging you to change the world based on your conditions.

Giving is at the heart of what they do

They all need something on the planet to change. CHIMP makes it simple for you to follow up on your natural liberality and provide for the causes you care about.

The easiest way to give well

Backing one foundation or many, all from one spot. Add to your CHIMP Account any time, get a quick tax cut, and view your total giving action.

Your giving, your way

Set aside effort to investigate causes and plan the effect you'll make. At the point when you're prepared, send your gift to any enlisted Canadian foundation, namelessly or with acknowledgment.

More impact, less cost

CHIMP is the most savvy way of giving on the web in Canada. They don't charge a managerial expense on your gifts, and having a CHIMP Account is free.

Are there other charges I should be aware of?

Online gifts, similar to all exchanges, consistently cause handling charges. It's what banks and Mastercard organizations charge for putting an exchange through. CHIMP doesn't decide these expenses yet they do pass them on.

I need 100% of my gift to go to noble cause. Is there a way of doing this?

Indeed! With CHIMP, you have the choice to cover handling expenses. Essentially check the "cover handling costs" checkbox quickly under the gift sum.

Will I get an expense receipt for everything of the cash I give into CHIMP?

Indeed. At the point when you give by means of CHIMP, you will get a duty receipt from the Charitable Impact Foundation for 100% of your gift. Handling expenses don't influence your assessment receipt.

They ensure that when you store cash into your CHIMP Account, it will be free from any danger, and there for you to part with when you're prepared.

At the point when you give cash from your record, it will arrive at your planned beneficiary, and if it doesn't under any circumstance, it will return into your record.

10 – GoFundMe


 Dispatched in 2010, GoFundMe is the world's biggest social gathering pledges stage, with more than $5 billion raised up until now. With a local area of in excess of 50 million givers, GoFundMe is changing the way the world gives.

Key Points

  • Mobile-Friendly Campaigns
  • No penalties for missing goal
  • GoFundMe Mobile App
  • No deadlines or goal requirements
  • Expert advice, 24/7
  • Keep every donation you receive

Free, simple setup 

  • Start fundraising in minutes. No goal requirements, no deadlines.

Most money raised 

  • Join the millions who have raised more than $5 billion on GoFundMe.

Expert advice, 24/7 

  • Their campaign coaches will answer your questions, day or night.

Safety guaranteed 

  • The GoFundMe Guarantee protects your donations and supporters.

Your donation is protected 

It goes out on a limb to help another person. That is the reason they need to respect your liberality by upholding it with the solitary assurance for crowdfunding: the GoFundMe Guarantee.

In the uncommon case that something isn't right, they will discount your gift.

Funds go to the right place 

Consistently, a large number of individuals get the assist they with requiring from liberal contributors. Their group of experts work night and day to ensure that assets get to the expected beneficiary, without fail.

In case subsidizes aren't conveyed to the ideal individual, they will give the missing sum.

How GoFundMe Works

Welcome! GoFundMe is the world's biggest crowdfunding stage, with more than $5 billion raised up until this point. With a local area of in excess of 50 million contributors, GoFundMe is changing the way the world gives.

With GoFundMe, it's not difficult to raise reserves rapidly for the causes you are generally energetic about. Benefactors from everywhere the world can safely give utilizing any significant credit or charge card. Upheld by the GoFundMe Guarantee, GoFundMe is the most secure, most secure stage for giving. The GoFundMe Guarantee secures contributors' liberality and guarantees reserves are shipped off the ideal individual.

Joining is totally free and each gift is all yours, regardless of whether you arrive at your objective. While it's allowed to dispatch your GoFundMe, charges are deducted from every gift. For more data on their expense structure, click here.

Before you get everything rolling, here is an outline of what's in store when you start a GoFundMe.

Creating your GoFundMe campaign

  • To begin, simply click here to join.
  • In case you're raising assets for yourself or a companion, you can make an individual mission. In case you're raising assets for an association, contact their group utilizing the button beneath to examine your most ideal choices.
  • The cycle is easy to finish and permits you to make a great GoFundMe from your cell phone or PC.
  • To make a convincing story, try to compose an intensive mission story and utilize great photographs and recordings.
  • Remember to tweak your GoFundMe connect to make it simpler to recollect! The GoFundMe connect is the least demanding way for your allies to find and give to your GoFundMe.

Sharing and Managing Your GoFundMe

Whenever you've wrapped up making your GoFundMe, you will be taken through each of the choices to share. In case you're not prepared to share yet, relax. You can essentially audit the sharing choices as a whole, yet skip until you arrive at your Dashboard. You'll have the option to set up or alter your sharing inclinations whenever.


A ton of good is being done all throughout the planet and heaps of individuals need to help those acts of kindness. However, it's difficult to open grassroot associations to expected benefactors all throughout the planet and it's difficult for contributors to find out with regards to projects that invigorate their advantage. In such conditions, Crowdfunding assumes an indispensable part and can be seen as a worldwide giving stage that associates the people who accomplish great work with the individuals who need to help them. Givers can look for ventures to help by area or kind of work done, like calamity recuperation, training or wellbeing. This aggregate pooling of framework and gathering pledges reason can be cultivated through crowdfunding.