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A Singer Wins $1 Million And Donated All Of It!

Nov 16, 2021
A Singer Wins $1 Million And Donated All Of It!

Charles Bracelet says that his colleague, friend, inspiration, and founder of The Life You Can Save, Peter Singer, has received the 2021 Berggruen Prize in honor of a lifetime of achievements. Even more: in keeping with his principles, he has chosen to donate his entire US$1 million awards to charity.

Peter is not just a brilliant thinker. He leads by example. And I hope he inspires us all to follow his lead!

Here’s what Peter had to say in the press release announcing the award: 

“I am delighted that my work has been recognized by the jury that awards the Berggruen Prize for Philosophy & Culture, granted annually to individuals ‘for major achievements in advancing ideas that shape the world.’ Along with the honor, the Prize bestows a gift of US$1,000,000 to the winner. I have donated half of the prize to The Life You Can Save to continue promoting the most effective charities benefiting the world’s poorest people.

A substantial portion I donated to organizations working to end animal suffering, particularly in factory farming. Industrialized animal production causes untold misery to tens of billions of land animals every year, and to hundreds of billions of fish. It is also a disaster for our climate and provides an ideal breeding ground for viruses that could cause future pandemics.

Finally, but importantly, I also will engage the many supporters of The Life You Can Save in allocating the remaining prize money to effective charities recommended by The Life You Can Save.” 

How Peter's Decision Affected Us 

At the point when Peter previously educated us concerning the honor and his arrangements for the prize cash, my better half Diana and I rambled about Peter's liberal choice to help causes he puts stock in — such completion outrageous neediness and manufacturing plant cultivating — instead of saving the cash for him as well as his family.

All things considered, Peter is a committed spouse, father, and granddad. He is more likely than not to feel some craving to help his family. Yet, Peter unmistakably concluded that, with himself and his girls currently grounded, it was critical to give his prize to the networks and causes it could benefit the most.

Now Diana and I indeed re-evaluating how we distribute our cash and where we may give all the more liberally and all the more viably. Also, I think it sets out a reestablished challenge for us all. 

Final Words 

After reading Peter's extravagant story, I am very impressed by the idea of this man. I think everyone should do the same if got some extra perks. It is always great to donate to areas where people are hardly making ends meet. Secondly, no matter how big or small you gonna donate, $1 even matters. 

We are helping the people of Pakistan by getting donations from all over the globe. I think this is the best time to help everyone. Microfinancing is literally the best service through which small businesses get aid. 

Online crowdfunding has made a huge difference in such lives. People from anywhere can help and send their amount to help someone. Technology has the biggest advantage if used properly. We usually spend a lot of time on the internet, surfing all the stuff. What if we start searching for people who need us. People who trust humanity. 

Not even them, but you also gonna feel more than happy after making someone's life easier. So, why not? There is another story of a young doctor which you can read by clicking here. Also, you can click here for donations