Spread Seedout, because you cared enough to share, Seedout will be able to provide help, hope and opportunity to men, women and families in need and alleviate them from poverty. With your support Seedout has the power to help people make a fresh start. Your generosity truly does make a difference!


1. Email your Friends

One of the best and effective ways to help us spread the word about Seedout is to email your friends, family, and co-workers - anyone you think might be interested in funding a project.
We've also included some sample text below if you prefer to email your network; feel free to personalize it however you like.

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2. Add an Email Footer

Tell your friends and family about Seedout every time you send an email by adding one of the below messages in your email footer. Some ideas:

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3. Change startup homepage page of your browser

You can change your own browser's startup homepage or use this technique in your office, school, university etc. This will help increase awareness about seedout.

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Share Us On Your Facebook

Show your support on Facebook with cover photos and shareable images.


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Twitter skins

Share our message on Twitter with custom page skins and icons.


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Show your support on your blog or website by uploading and posting one of our badges.


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