Paper Cutting Machine

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Manufacturing | Project ID: 86

Azam khan is an elderly man who lives in a small town in Gujranwala. He lives with his wife and eight children, four of which are school going. He is currently working as a laborer in a paper cutting factory nearby his city. Azam is a devoted man and works day and night to meet his family’s needs. Unfortunately, he is unable to keep up with the ever rising inflation rate and is forced to lead a life of destitution and despair. His current financial situation has plunged him deeper into the sands of dejection with no reliable livelihood that is sufficient enough to get him on his two feet.

In order to have an access to a balanced source of income, Azam seeks SeedOut’s Help to start his very own paper cutting business unit with his 19 years old son. A small donation of $1970 can make it possible for Azam to kick off his own business and have a chance at a prosperous life. Not only will it give him a steady livelihood but also pave way for further savings and investments.

Donate to Azam now and empower him to take charge of his life.