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Gujranwala, Pakistan | Retail | Project ID: 498

Naeem, 28, belongs to a family of eight from Gujranwala, Pakistan. His family includes his aging mother and six sisters, of which only one sister and his mother live with him at their small, owned house, while the others are well settled away from home in their married lives. Before starting his own business, he worked in sanitary for six years. He has been running operations at a small shop located inside his house for the past three years, selling various grocery items to the people in his locality. The sales from his shop constitute the sole source of income for the family, amounting to roughly $100 per month. The family expenses, however, are well above this number, at an average of $160 per month; the gross discrepancy between income and expenses being corrected for every month by financial aid from his sisters and his personal savings that are slowly diminishing. Naeem wants to get out of this difficult position and he believes an expansion of his shop will not only help improve his sales but will also give him the confidence to make other important decisions surrounding his business. With little capital to initiate the process on his own, Naeem requires a generous donation as an economic investment in his business. A crowd fund can help connect him with prospective donors.