Loader Rickshaw

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 497

Muhammad Arhad is habitant of Guranwala and  lives with his family in a muddy house that has an uncovered kitchen. His family comprises of his wife, two sons and two daughters. Only a daughter braved studying at a local school and  is in 8th standard. He is an agrculturist by profession and produces crops to earn a living. His thirteen years old son sits at the dairy shop Muhammad Arshad opened recently and brings home $60 per month. Its heartbreaking to see a child being given work when he should be attending school. Muhammad Arshad wants to buy a loader rickshaw to transport agricultural produce in an attempt to increase income and improve his family's living standards. He hopes he will at least be able to get his youngest son into school and send his other son to a technical training center.