Mobile Shop

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Services | Project ID: 473

Being a polio victim has not stopped him, rather he earns and takes care of his family along with his father. Muhammad Rafique belongs to Gujranwala and lives with his parents, wife and his widowed sister and her family in an overcrowded house. 

He is 27 years old and a growing entrepreneur, due to his illness and lack of facilities at home and school he could never attend school. He has a small mobile shop near his house where he sells mobile accessories. Since mobile has become a necessity for everyone and its demand increasing day by day he wants to start selling mobile phones at his store as well. He wants to buy low-cost mobile phones and accessories to be better able to support his family. 

He is hardworking and has never made him being handicapped an excuse. His diligence and vigour are acknowledged Seedout which is providing him with a loan of $700 and needs your encouragement and funding to make this youth financially independent and a role model for everyone in the society.